Why should the parents spy their children?

Is spying the children in their activities mandatory to shape their life? I feel the answer is “YES” in some occasions and “No” in a few occasions.  We will find the roots and methods in controlling the children.

The loving parents

Many of the parents feel that their children are burden to them till they achieve in their life.  Some parents won’t worry about the success of their children, but a few parents worry about their children will worry more about the success of their children. If the children are able achieve in education, in getting job and in settling in their life, then, it gives immense pleasure to the parents. Some of students who are not able to get through in education or are not able to get their dream jobs, or are not able to earn the wealth and are not able to settle in their life,  will make their parent worry more.  The parents, being happy or worrying about their children successful life, show their love towards their children. So, the love of the parents will make them to monitor their children daily activities. The bone of contention between the children and parents is how spying is dealt with in their life by policing or by counseling?

Supervising the children

Proactive supervising the children should be done effectively by the parents, but the same time, it should not be actively spying the children. Proactive supervising builds the rapport with their parents which will be optimistic to the children. Actively supervising destructs the children and parents relationship.  Proactive supervising will give the confidence to the children and makes positive impacts in their success. Actively supervising not only gives negative impact to the children which may make them to feel their freedom was cut off by their parents but also creates the chance of losing faith and belief of the children. The children become introverts due to negative impact. They will start feeling that they don’t have their parent’s adequate support.  The parents should avoid the actively spying from their children.

Mutual understanding and respecting

Instead of actively spying, the parents can make their children to understand the effective controlling of children activities, so that the children will not be able to do things that are wrong. The children should recognize that their parents are truthful and look after them within the children freedom. These good parenting skills play a vital role in maintaining a good relationship between the parents and the children.

Tracking the each activity of children by making frequent calls regularly to the children will make the children to understand where they are going and what time they will be back home.  The children also should give due to respect to the parents by coming back home on time. The parents should talk to the children daily about the whereabouts and incidents happened, it reveals that the parents are friendly and caring and the children will share their difficulties and happiness in their whereabouts. This kind of mutual understanding tells the parents that their children are under control. The children also will feel that they are secured and confident.


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