Kutti Puli Movie Review



Kuttipuli Movie Review

Kuttipuli Movie takes a cynosure of young hearts, touching, emotional, entertaining and romantic movie. Well experienced actress Theivanai, a widow, who lost her husband in a local gang rivalry, acts as the mother of KuttiPuli. Theiwanai wants his son brought up well and keeps him away from violence. Unfortunately, Kuttipuli turns out to be his father and indulges in unnecessary fight as his father. He earned number of enemies over the years, it worried his mother.

Thinking that if he gets married, he will not involve in violent behavior, will be responsible and will have more control of life, but Kutti Puli doesn’t want to get married, reasoning out his wife may suffer as his mother and thwarts all her desperate marriage plans.

Barathi, a pretty girl, who locates to the neighborhood of Puli, changes his life and falls in love with him.

Will Puli abide his principle of not getting married? Or Will Puli’s provoking behavior with the local goon, Murthy, bring an end to his life? Or Will Pulli makes up his mind and accepts the love of Barathi and marries her?

This is the remaining story of the film. Kutti Puli gives importance to friendship, family sentiments, revenge and love. Overall Kutti Puli is a successful movie.


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