Money Management in 2014


Money Management in 2014

1) Fixed deposit or liquid fund

   A short-term fixed deposit or liquid fund in an unexpected situation like a medical emergency or a loss of job will ease out the situation. It’s always wise stay invested in a fixed deposit or a liquid fund towards contingency. 

2) Life-Risk insurance

Life is full of uncertainties. If you don’t have life insurance risk coverage, it’s the biggest fallacy. Assess your life insurance necessity and opt for a life-term plan. When you are not around, Life cover will protect your loved ones from financial crisis.

3) Medical Coverage

Medical coverage or health coverage with affordable coverage is more important for any group of people. Medical coverage should cover not only pre-existing diseases but also pregnancy, so that hard -earning income will not be eaten away for medical expenses. It’s better to have an additional medical coverage to the medical coverage provided by your employer.

4) Saving – A piece of a pie from your regular income

 Saving a part from your monthly salary at the beginning of month will give you a good return and a good control of your expenses for the rest of the days. You will also realize the proverb “A penny saved is a Penney earned” with your monthly savings. Recurring Deposit, Public provident fund, and Pension scheme may work well for automated monthly savings.

5) Stay away from Credit card debt

 Credit card users are making embarrassing mistakes by paying 20% to 25% interests.  It’s essential to curb down using credit card when you pay credit card debt.  Staying way from credit card debt will not hurt your pocket.

6) Loans

Getting multiple loans are quite easy today for purchasing a house or land, buying a car, and starting a business. If you have multiple loans with expensive interest rate, you will encounter more financial problems. So, you should be very careful in managing the debt from the beginning. Taking personal loan with higher interest rate and buying a land or house should be avoided. If you can manage your loans well, you can opt for housing and car loans.


Tips to impress your girlfriend


1) Show your love:

A girlfriend who is full of exciting love, positive emotions and sentiments is your desirable person in the world. You fall in love with a beautiful girl and feel the love throughout your life.   You should impress your lover everyday by doing something new and romantic. You should make your partner know how much you love her and you should express your feeling not once, but every day. Tell her what you like on her and ask her what she likes on you.  It will make her secure and adore her love with you.

2) Make her laugh:

The most girls like the boys with sense of humor. You share with her the lighter moments you both spent together in college or beach…etc.  A girl who finds you funny will fall for all your charms. As you have sense of humor, seldom crack jokes, make her laugh, and win her hearts.

3) Respect her, don’t let her down:

Your girl friend will be more conscious about the respect, especially when she is with her lover.  She likes a genuine, honest, decent and mannered person. So, respect her, escort her, and honor her as much as you can. Be there in good and bad situations to show her that you really care about her all the time.  Dress nicely; she will really like you to be dressed decently.                                                                                                        

4) Please her with gifts:

Girls will be in demanding responsibilities. Girls will love surprises, compliments, and gifts. Please her with a gift every time. Don’t forget her birthday; you can present a jewel or lingerie on her birthday. Never and ever forget the Valentine’s Day to present flowers or gifts to her.

5) Write her letters:

Write love notes and letters quite often and show or give it to her in regular intervals.  Make calls during the day, so that she knows that you are thinking about her all the time.  You can also send her back to back messages, so that she may see your message when she wakes up or she may see it before she goes to bed.  You can draw some surprising romantic or memorable drawings and show them to her, because she will love them.

6) Take her to romantic places:

You can take her to some romantic places which will take a long drive, so that you can spend more time together, finally drop her at home.  Your love should not be just in words, look for the opportunity to get closer to her, If she is comfortable with you, hug her tightly and kiss her every time.  This kind of relationship will make her possessive and she will believe that you are her life partner.


7) Involve in charitable act:

You should involve in charitable act like pouring love and showing sympathy towards the poor. You can be generous towards the needy, so that she would judge you how you deal with other people. When you take care of the people who are in need, she will believe that you will take care of her in her life time.

8) Be a handyman:

Your girl friend would expect how you deal with situations. For example, when you are with your girlfriend, suddenly an electrical deficiency happens in the room. You should try to fix it. If you call electrician without even trying to find out what’s the problem, it will show that you are not independent. So, you should be a handyman.



Goodbye Mr. Telegraph

The telegraph becomes an outdated communication system today but, before telephone, before internet, before computer and before electric telegraph, how did the communication system work among the countries? How did the telegraph become obsolete today? Is there any rival technology that has replaced telegraph?


Before telegraph, Drumbeats or smoke signals were effectively used to exchange information among the remote places. This communication system is still being used in Military, but the smoke signals and drumbeats took more time to transmit the message and became susceptible due to weather and night. It was replaced by Chappe telegraph invented in 1792 by Chappe and it was the world’s first telegraph system in the industrial age.


Chappe telegraph had a series of hill station consisting of a large horizontal beam and two small wings. The horizontal beam and two-wings considered as the regulator and indicators respectively. Each tower was equipped with a pair of telescope one pointing at either direction.

A telegrapher from the next tower read the visual signals and transmitted the message. This non-electric telegraph was expensive, needed more towers for every 20 kilometers, and was limited to weather, so it was not used commercially.



 In the industrial age, lacking of a revolutionized communication network paved the way to a bunch of scientists (William Cookie, Charles Wheatstone, Samuel Morse, Alfred Vail and Leonard) to do research using the principle of magnetism and invented a new information transmitting system. In 19th century, the development of battery and electromagnetism helped to replace visual telegraph by electric telegraph.


Samuel Morse invented Morse code which consists of series of dots and dashes arranged in way to represent the alphabets.  When the code is transmitted on the telegraph, it rendered as marks on a paper. The telegraph operator translated the codes back into English. The paper was replaced by a receiver and the operator understood the codes by listening to clicking of the receiver


In 1843, Samuel Morse received a fund from the US government and set up the telegraph system. In 1844, Morse demonstrated telegraph by sending a message “What Hath God Wrought?” between Washington, DC and Baltimore. The greatest telegraph usage spread across the world and became turning point to the communication system.


The rival technologies emerged day by day.  Finally, telegraph was replaced with the advent of telephone, internet, emails and chat. The usage of telegraph started falling and became outdated communication system today, but the invention of telegraph was a landmark in the human history.



Why should the parents spy their children?

Is spying the children in their activities mandatory to shape their life? I feel the answer is “YES” in some occasions and “No” in a few occasions.  We will find the roots and methods in controlling the children.

The loving parents

Many of the parents feel that their children are burden to them till they achieve in their life.  Some parents won’t worry about the success of their children, but a few parents worry about their children will worry more about the success of their children. If the children are able achieve in education, in getting job and in settling in their life, then, it gives immense pleasure to the parents. Some of students who are not able to get through in education or are not able to get their dream jobs, or are not able to earn the wealth and are not able to settle in their life,  will make their parent worry more.  The parents, being happy or worrying about their children successful life, show their love towards their children. So, the love of the parents will make them to monitor their children daily activities. The bone of contention between the children and parents is how spying is dealt with in their life by policing or by counseling?

Supervising the children

Proactive supervising the children should be done effectively by the parents, but the same time, it should not be actively spying the children. Proactive supervising builds the rapport with their parents which will be optimistic to the children. Actively supervising destructs the children and parents relationship.  Proactive supervising will give the confidence to the children and makes positive impacts in their success. Actively supervising not only gives negative impact to the children which may make them to feel their freedom was cut off by their parents but also creates the chance of losing faith and belief of the children. The children become introverts due to negative impact. They will start feeling that they don’t have their parent’s adequate support.  The parents should avoid the actively spying from their children.

Mutual understanding and respecting

Instead of actively spying, the parents can make their children to understand the effective controlling of children activities, so that the children will not be able to do things that are wrong. The children should recognize that their parents are truthful and look after them within the children freedom. These good parenting skills play a vital role in maintaining a good relationship between the parents and the children.

Tracking the each activity of children by making frequent calls regularly to the children will make the children to understand where they are going and what time they will be back home.  The children also should give due to respect to the parents by coming back home on time. The parents should talk to the children daily about the whereabouts and incidents happened, it reveals that the parents are friendly and caring and the children will share their difficulties and happiness in their whereabouts. This kind of mutual understanding tells the parents that their children are under control. The children also will feel that they are secured and confident.

Kutti Puli Movie Review



Kuttipuli Movie Review

Kuttipuli Movie takes a cynosure of young hearts, touching, emotional, entertaining and romantic movie. Well experienced actress Theivanai, a widow, who lost her husband in a local gang rivalry, acts as the mother of KuttiPuli. Theiwanai wants his son brought up well and keeps him away from violence. Unfortunately, Kuttipuli turns out to be his father and indulges in unnecessary fight as his father. He earned number of enemies over the years, it worried his mother.

Thinking that if he gets married, he will not involve in violent behavior, will be responsible and will have more control of life, but Kutti Puli doesn’t want to get married, reasoning out his wife may suffer as his mother and thwarts all her desperate marriage plans.

Barathi, a pretty girl, who locates to the neighborhood of Puli, changes his life and falls in love with him.

Will Puli abide his principle of not getting married? Or Will Puli’s provoking behavior with the local goon, Murthy, bring an end to his life? Or Will Pulli makes up his mind and accepts the love of Barathi and marries her?

This is the remaining story of the film. Kutti Puli gives importance to friendship, family sentiments, revenge and love. Overall Kutti Puli is a successful movie.